General Blogroll Disclaimer
I am not responsible for any content blogroll members may post. I may agree with them on everything, some things, or nothing. They are on my blogroll because I like to visit them and thought I would share them with my readers.

Welcome to my Blogroll…

Am I the only one that finds it hard to “catagorize” blogs? I have tried to do my best in my RSS feed reader because it helps me manage my time online better to have everyone’s blog in a little folder. People are generally hard to shove them into a neat little box, or folder in this case. My blog, for example, would probably be a “Mommy Blog”, but I also occasionally touch on Politics, Current Events and Social Action. I also am in Love with Jesus Christ, thus being a Christian and I hope that shows up often in my blog. I enjoy Design and Shopping, so they tend to appear periodically as well. So as you look over these “catagories” in my blogroll please understand it’s the best I can do, and they aren’t perfect descriptions of many of the unique blogs I browse daily. Enjoy and Click away.

Mommy Blogs
And the Legacy Continues
Denham’s in Brazil
Fit to be i
Heidi Jo What do you know?
Hula Seventy
Into the Great Wide
Kristy’s Corner
LuLu’s World
Me & My Boys
Mom Loves Being at Home
Mommy Coddle
Musings of a Southern Girl at Heart
Noah Steven Crowned in Peace
Pieces of Me
The Everyday Mom Blog
The Three Olives
We’re Having a Baby!
Arnold Family Happenings
Your Mom Goes To College

Political, Philosophical, & Spritiual Blogs
A Voice of Reason: Sane Views for a Crazy World
Conversations With Brit & Grit
Haemet Yeshachrer Otcha
Helvidius, a Pachyderm
I Can Plainly See
Irronic Surrealism
Messy Church (My Brother)
Next Stop Lauderdale
China View
Sunflower Desert
Total Transformation Test
Verum Serum
Wisdom From the Realm
Wit or Wisdom
Ann Coulter
Michelle Malkin
Defiant Infidel

Art, Design, & Creative Blogs
Nebo Peklo

Miscellaneous Friends & Uncatagorizable
A Journey…
Built to Lead
Mind of a Mad Scientist
Journal of a Nomad
Maya Strang
The Glamorous life
The Inevitable Quest
The Queen of Swords


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