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Questions for Homeschoolers

I know, I know. My childern are only 3 and 1, but I’m already giving serious thought (& prayer) to their future schooling. We have many options in this area… and we also have a state that is extremely encouraging of HS’ing, while interferring very little in your choice of curriculum.

My sister-in law, who will hopefully comment 😉 Home-schools and my Aunt as well. I have 100 THOUSAND (exaggerated for dramatic effect!) fears about my abilities to home-school. What if me attempting to home-school would just be a journey toward a large trainwreck?

I have so many questions! I decided this would be the best place to ask them. Please, if you know someone who would want to contribute to this survey, ask them to come comment with their answers. I may not be the only one out there wondering about this, and the more feedback the better! We can learn from your personal experience.

Here goes:

1. Did you always know you would home-school?

2. What led you to the decision to home-school?

3. What age were your children when you decided to take the home-school plunge?

4. Did you have any fears? What were they? Were they realized?

5. Do you know a lot of other home-schoolers in your real-life community? (cyberworld does not count for this question!) 🙂

6. If you could name one thing that inspired you most to home-school, what was it?

7. How do you choose your curriculum?

8. Are some of your children easier to home-school than the others?

9. Lastly. Do you feel anyone is capeable of home-schooling? And do you feel every child is capeable of home-schooling? What would be an exception?

Also- if anyone else is considering this and has any other questions feel free to add them!

Thanks so much! (in advance)


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