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Pictures From Last Week

While I’m 100% distracted trying to work on my new site and get my old feeds transferred, I thought I would throw up some pictures from the last week. I hesitate to post much after I write a blog that means a lot to me, such as my post on Organ Harvesting, I get nervous pushing it toward the bottom of my page by posting more. So PLEASE if you have no read it do that first.

On to the photos.

The boys in my favorite stroller at the Memorial Day Parade on Monday… my battery drained shortly after.


This was an accident, but I think it is fun. The boys are blurry, in movement, but you can still see happiness on their faces. I should probably lighten it up though.


What is it with little boys and mommy’s shoes?


As real as it gets… Me and Owen.


The kids love bubbles (so does mom,) so we do them often. In many forms! This is a picture of a bubble in the stormy sky.


Another Bubble.

The innocent ponderings of a child.


Owen in his bubbles.


Best Friends.


Busy little-boy feet.


Perfection of imperfection! Picture of our backyard going out to our driveway. Complete with new cable line (that hasn’t been dug yet,) my finger, weed bag… etc.


I take a lot of pictures of my flowers and never publish them. This is one of my blooming clematis. I’ll try to post more flower pictures this summer.


More Flowers.



Owen on the slide.


With Lukie at the bottom.


My Hot Husband putting O in the swing.


Getting ready to go out with the boys. One of their favorite things to do ! And you can see it in their faces.



Hanging by a Moment


All the drama from Owen yesterday led up to a night woken up by tears of ear pain. Poor little guy. He is sick. So sick he was screaming all morning. It’s a horrible place to be in when your doctor’s office isn’t open but you are pretty sure you don’t need to be going to the ER. I felt, WE felt totally helpless. He finally has an appointment after 11am. ELEVEN AM. I was partialliy inclined to go wait at the dr.’s office with him until they opened this morning and beg for them to see him as soon as possible. Oh well. I’m pretty sure it is an ear infection…. The Motrin seems to be working for the moment.

I’m off to have quiet time while there is still quiet.

Owen’s Birthday Present (belated post!)

I found this on my *desktop* and realized I never posted it! It is a short video of Owen getting his birthday present. I had his 2 little friends that live a mile away stop over that morning so he would have friends to play in it with. We have already enjoyed this gift several times! 🙂

Owen Is Not a Bear

We finally uploaded a video taken of Owen between the wedding he was in and the reception we were on our way too. He never stops making us laugh.

Oh? How do you really feel?

I apologize for my silly “bad day rant” below. It doesn’t even read well. I should have just posted this and you would have understood.


In all seriousness though. I’m fine now and in retrospect it wasn’t that bad of a day. There were just moments of complete chaos here and there that made me wonder if being commited was an option. They were brief moments, and they are over for now.

This video of the boys playing from a few weeks ago cheered me up. Please ignore the mess in my house while viewing. I have surrendered to not cleaning up their messes until they go to bed these days.

Longer Summer Days Mean Less Time


There seems to be a corresponding relationship with the beautiful time of year arriving and a decrease in my blogging. After 2.5 years and counting in the blogosphere I also notice this happens during the holidays. I suppose it all makes sense. But I have been so good about posting everyday, and almost always 2 times a day! This may have to go down for awhile. After-all, as much as I love you all, and love this hobby… Chasing my children outdoors becomes the priority. The pool isn’t even open yet, and when It does I know I will spend a lot of time there as well.

Today was absolutely lovely. 76 degrees, low humidity, Ahhhhh. The kids actually slept in (but they have been going to bed so late!) I loved my morning coffee and spending time in the Bible. I put up the bouncer for the boys because Owen was begging for it. They played outside together so well that I was able to work on one of my back garden beds! We grabbed lunch on the go and headed to a local greenhouse. They behaved perfectly for a whole hour while I browsed trees, shrubs, and perrinials. They went down for naps and I planted 4 plants and bounced some landscape ideas off of my neighbor. In all my gardening today I only saw 2 worms… and there were no other bugs to be found. After that I woke up the boys, picked up a cousin, and headed to the gym for a spin class. Then I took a NICE LONG SHOWER there, blow dried my hair (a luxury for mommy,) and then headed out for dinner. The boys were moderately well behaved for not having dinner until 7:30. It’s 10:20 pm and just finished bathing the boys, putting them to bed, putting dishes away… and I’m finally at my computer. I’m exhausted and waiting for Jeff to get back up here so we can watch 24.

For mothers’ day the boys got me a mani/pedi:) . Jeff scheduled it for tomorrow… so I will be thoroughly enjoying that! Things are pretty amazing right now. Exhausting, but good exhausting.

I have so many things I want time enough to write about… but as my list grows my time shrinks! So hopefully I will get a chunk of time to do that and schedule them to future post!

Oh yeah, I also got a farmer tan yesterday and today, so it looks like I’m going to have to fix that before the wedding I am in this weekend! OOPS!

I’m off for now.

Goodnight blog world.

My Little Ring-bearer


Owen did great in the wedding this weekend. I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone move down the isle as slow as he did. I did wonder at times if he was going to make it- but he did. very. slowly. When he got to the end and Jeff met him to help him get to our pew he collapsed into his daddy’s arms and wimpered. It was like all the pressure of having everyones eyes on him scared him so much that by the time he got to his daddy he knew he could let down his guard. JJ asked him if he wanted to “go sit with daddy and mommy”. He said yes and cried, just for a second. Bless his heart. I was so dang cute though.


He didn’t like his flower very much, I re-pinned it 6 times. I am amazed it even made it!


I really wanted to play with these in photoshop a bit, but my impatience to post them won out. It would have been nice to at least eliminate my wrinkes, if not to play with filters on the pictures. Why can’t we just photshop our faces in real life? 🙂


I have never seen Owen bust out his shell in public the way he did at the reception. If only I had video of all the dance moves he came up with. He loved imitating his older cousins in all their craziness. As a mom, watching him free to just have fun and be himself no matter how goofy that was, made me so happy.

By the way- my cousin Leah who got married looked beautiful. Everything from the rehersal dinner to the end of the reception was perfect. My aunt and cousin worked so hard on this wedding and I can’t imagine it going better!

Video Interview with Owen on the way to the reception coming up… I have to wait on JJ to get it off the camera for me.

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