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War on the View

Oh Boy!

I can not even remember the last time I watched the view… but I just saw this video over on Hot Air, and I am not sure I have seen anything like it on the daily talk shows since that creep Parsons (who claimed to killing Jon Benet) on That one show (don’t even remember the name?) or maybe back to Geraldo getting his nose broken! Looks like the 2 are getting super real with each other since Rosie is on her way out anyway. Check it out.


Rosie O’donnell Going Going almost GONE

O O Rosie Goes! See for yourself. Of course the glossing over couldn’t get thicker. But the bottom line is… she’s going. Maybe it will take Elizabeth Hasselbeck a little longer to get to Fox News.

Totally being Random… I’m just saying….

Day 2 with JJ gone.
His trip is going well.

My back? SO much better.

The boys? 2 quick playdates today.

Owen? tantrum on the way to nap. woke up Lukas.

Lukas? needs to go back to bed.

Me? need coffee bad, but happy. And it is gorgeous outside.

Spring? is your best friend picking you off the ground after the winter just pounded your face in.

Skinny Jeans? They fit me again! Can I just tell you how good it feels to have 50% of your wardrobe open back up to you again?

Rosie O’donnell? Shoot did you hear what she said? Foul, very foul. Not to be quoted on this mommy-site.

Hair? Appointment Saturday, no big changes. Husband likes it long.

Jesus? Absolutely refreshed my spirit today. Think I will dwell on that and not ot Rosie. Ahhhhhhh.

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