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Some Some Summer-time!

Days at the pool, nights on the patio, dinners outside, parks, zoos, car-trips, family, sunshine, bike-rides, long-walks, less TV, flowers, trees, red cheeks, highlights, swingsets, driveway play-time, basketball hoops, beaches, long days, BBQ, sidewalk chalk, spinklers, water fights, blowing bubbles, laying out, pony-tails, naked face, endless smiles on my childrens’ faces, boating, popcicles, ice cream sandwiches, cook-outs, laughter, fresh-cut lawn, lush green grass, flip flops, tank tops….

What words resonate summer to you?

In honor of my official “summer is launching” weekend (yes, this is a holiday in my very own mind) I played with imovie and tried to make a little slide show. I have a lot to learn. I have already spent two times as much time on this as I really budgeted for tonight, oh well.

I wish the picture quality transferred better, and I wish I knew how to do a lot more… but It’s always fun to post your first try and laugh at it a year or two later when you are so much better at it 🙂 Anyway, Laugh, Enjoy.

in other news… the boys seem to really be either loving eachother physcially or beating each other physically at all times. Fortunately, I was able to catch a couple of the loving time on camera. I almost missed it. I was cleaning up, JJ was on his computer, and just several feet away they were doing this… all on their own.



In other news… It’s Memorial Day.
For all those who have given their lives, who have been willing to give their lives, and who have lost loved ones fighting for our country in one capacity or another. May we never forget you or belittle the sacrafice you have made. And may all the troops now serving be brought home safely at the right time. You are in my prayers… and no doubt the prayers of many others.


War on the View

Oh Boy!

I can not even remember the last time I watched the view… but I just saw this video over on Hot Air, and I am not sure I have seen anything like it on the daily talk shows since that creep Parsons (who claimed to killing Jon Benet) on That one show (don’t even remember the name?) or maybe back to Geraldo getting his nose broken! Looks like the 2 are getting super real with each other since Rosie is on her way out anyway. Check it out.

Owen’s Birthday Present (belated post!)

I found this on my *desktop* and realized I never posted it! It is a short video of Owen getting his birthday present. I had his 2 little friends that live a mile away stop over that morning so he would have friends to play in it with. We have already enjoyed this gift several times! 🙂

Owen Is Not a Bear

We finally uploaded a video taken of Owen between the wedding he was in and the reception we were on our way too. He never stops making us laugh.

Oh? How do you really feel?

I apologize for my silly “bad day rant” below. It doesn’t even read well. I should have just posted this and you would have understood.


In all seriousness though. I’m fine now and in retrospect it wasn’t that bad of a day. There were just moments of complete chaos here and there that made me wonder if being commited was an option. They were brief moments, and they are over for now.

This video of the boys playing from a few weeks ago cheered me up. Please ignore the mess in my house while viewing. I have surrendered to not cleaning up their messes until they go to bed these days.

Video A BEE C’s

My dad blogged awhile back on the dying off of honey bees. It seems my little ones found their own little dead bee, a bumble bee. I was clueless as you can see from the video. I barely got up to the fort in time to keep it from becoming a part of Lukies Diet.

And in case you would like to see an almost 3-year-old sing the ABC’s.

Owen wants a Hug

Owen is just like his mom. And sometimes when you have a personality that combines the extreme need of affirmation, intensely sensitive feelings, and the tenacity…. you end up doing interesting things… that is until your grown up and figure how to balance it out… as I’m sure I have mastered, right? Yeah.

I remember being young and thinking the best solution to not having my friends go home when it was there dinner time was to lock them in our basement playroom. This happened on many occasions. I also recall not letting some of my friends go home until they asked “Jesus into their heart” YIKES! That is scary and surely not what Jesus would want us to do. However, I was young andthought I was doing the right thing. I totally missed the point that whether it is love for us or for God, it is intended to be out of free-will. Otherwise, it is shallow and fake.

Most us grow up and learned that forced love does not work. The other half probably either grow up trying to buy love the rest of there lives, or become sociopaths! We’ll just have to point Owen in the direction of learning:

1. you don’t always get what you want.
2. you can’t control other people.
3. the best kind of love is given voluntarily.

Anyway here’s a sample of this little personality at work in our house.

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