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Some Some Summer-time!

Days at the pool, nights on the patio, dinners outside, parks, zoos, car-trips, family, sunshine, bike-rides, long-walks, less TV, flowers, trees, red cheeks, highlights, swingsets, driveway play-time, basketball hoops, beaches, long days, BBQ, sidewalk chalk, spinklers, water fights, blowing bubbles, laying out, pony-tails, naked face, endless smiles on my childrens’ faces, boating, popcicles, ice cream sandwiches, cook-outs, laughter, fresh-cut lawn, lush green grass, flip flops, tank tops….

What words resonate summer to you?

In honor of my official “summer is launching” weekend (yes, this is a holiday in my very own mind) I played with imovie and tried to make a little slide show. I have a lot to learn. I have already spent two times as much time on this as I really budgeted for tonight, oh well.

I wish the picture quality transferred better, and I wish I knew how to do a lot more… but It’s always fun to post your first try and laugh at it a year or two later when you are so much better at it 🙂 Anyway, Laugh, Enjoy.

in other news… the boys seem to really be either loving eachother physcially or beating each other physically at all times. Fortunately, I was able to catch a couple of the loving time on camera. I almost missed it. I was cleaning up, JJ was on his computer, and just several feet away they were doing this… all on their own.



In other news… It’s Memorial Day.
For all those who have given their lives, who have been willing to give their lives, and who have lost loved ones fighting for our country in one capacity or another. May we never forget you or belittle the sacrafice you have made. And may all the troops now serving be brought home safely at the right time. You are in my prayers… and no doubt the prayers of many others.


Longer Summer Days Mean Less Time


There seems to be a corresponding relationship with the beautiful time of year arriving and a decrease in my blogging. After 2.5 years and counting in the blogosphere I also notice this happens during the holidays. I suppose it all makes sense. But I have been so good about posting everyday, and almost always 2 times a day! This may have to go down for awhile. After-all, as much as I love you all, and love this hobby… Chasing my children outdoors becomes the priority. The pool isn’t even open yet, and when It does I know I will spend a lot of time there as well.

Today was absolutely lovely. 76 degrees, low humidity, Ahhhhh. The kids actually slept in (but they have been going to bed so late!) I loved my morning coffee and spending time in the Bible. I put up the bouncer for the boys because Owen was begging for it. They played outside together so well that I was able to work on one of my back garden beds! We grabbed lunch on the go and headed to a local greenhouse. They behaved perfectly for a whole hour while I browsed trees, shrubs, and perrinials. They went down for naps and I planted 4 plants and bounced some landscape ideas off of my neighbor. In all my gardening today I only saw 2 worms… and there were no other bugs to be found. After that I woke up the boys, picked up a cousin, and headed to the gym for a spin class. Then I took a NICE LONG SHOWER there, blow dried my hair (a luxury for mommy,) and then headed out for dinner. The boys were moderately well behaved for not having dinner until 7:30. It’s 10:20 pm and just finished bathing the boys, putting them to bed, putting dishes away… and I’m finally at my computer. I’m exhausted and waiting for Jeff to get back up here so we can watch 24.

For mothers’ day the boys got me a mani/pedi:) . Jeff scheduled it for tomorrow… so I will be thoroughly enjoying that! Things are pretty amazing right now. Exhausting, but good exhausting.

I have so many things I want time enough to write about… but as my list grows my time shrinks! So hopefully I will get a chunk of time to do that and schedule them to future post!

Oh yeah, I also got a farmer tan yesterday and today, so it looks like I’m going to have to fix that before the wedding I am in this weekend! OOPS!

I’m off for now.

Goodnight blog world.

Outside Adventures

I have absolutely loved having a new camera, amazing weather, and boys that love to play outside. It isn’t even summer yet and I can’t stop it with the pictures. Am I driving you crazy yet?

First I love this close up of Lukas

Train up children in the way they should go 🙂

Love this smile.

Momma likes the fort too.

Its just so hard to put down thomas trains even to climb the ‘rock wall’. Sidenote- I love the lighting just before dusk, makes for great pictures!

He’s really growing up faster than I can process.


He’s always on the go.

Parks, Spring, Dreams and Rain.

Spring Spring Spring. How I love every dry minute of you! (aside from the allergies- why does there always have to be a downside?) We made it to the park yesterday! The boys got nice and messy and had so much fun. Mom had to work hard. JJ don’t get mad, my back is still okay I swear. Besides I had friends with me that were of great help. You should have seen how stylish I looked with a brace on over my trendy little top.


Last night I had the craziest dream. I hate waking up with those. It takes me a bit to snap out of it- always. I’m glad dreams aren’t true and that I was woken up by my sweet almost 3-year-old that I convinced to get right back in bed with me.

Today is one of those rainey and wormy days. I can’t stand the way it smells when you go outside. Looks like I will be running some errends!

Tell someone why you love them today. Telling someone you Love them is wonderful, but telling them why means even more.

Totally being Random… I’m just saying….

Day 2 with JJ gone.
His trip is going well.

My back? SO much better.

The boys? 2 quick playdates today.

Owen? tantrum on the way to nap. woke up Lukas.

Lukas? needs to go back to bed.

Me? need coffee bad, but happy. And it is gorgeous outside.

Spring? is your best friend picking you off the ground after the winter just pounded your face in.

Skinny Jeans? They fit me again! Can I just tell you how good it feels to have 50% of your wardrobe open back up to you again?

Rosie O’donnell? Shoot did you hear what she said? Foul, very foul. Not to be quoted on this mommy-site.

Hair? Appointment Saturday, no big changes. Husband likes it long.

Jesus? Absolutely refreshed my spirit today. Think I will dwell on that and not ot Rosie. Ahhhhhhh.

A Horizontal Weekend, Trip outside, And an Amazing Husband


My amazing husband has left for Nashville a few days. A required trip that couldn’t be changed. He wouldn’t let me do much at all while he was here because he knew how much I would have to do with a bad back while he was gone. He did the Laundry, EVEN FOLDED IT!, he did dishes, he cleaned, changed dirty diapers, watched the kids, etc. All in an effort to keep me horizontal and healing. What a sweet guy. But now I’m having to stick it out on my own and so far so good. 🙂 Pain, but totally manageable. I did get outside in the beautiful Spring weather a couple times this weekend. I paid for it with pain, but it was well worth breathing in the air that I have been waiting for! Bye Winter, won’t miss you! Now if only all my bulbs and blooms would recover.

I thought I would share with you some funny, cute (on Lukas’s part!) yet somewhat unflattering (my part) pictures of how I have been able to be active on the computer and spend time with the kids while keeping horizonal. 🙂 I thought of going into photoshop and touching these up…. but I’ll give you the raw deal. PS. when I am tan-less yellow really is not my color! 🙂

Lukie sitting with me while I upload photos.

Lukie getting much needed cuddles.

My supportive familiy (minus Owen who was napping) joining me on the floor 🙂

And on brighter notes, pictures from my trip outside for lunch:)

The Midwest is Schitzo

Not even kidding. As I said in a previous post my trees are in bloom, bulbs are up, grass is lush… and it is now pouring snow. I took many photos of this… but my camera on my cell is just not as good as my nice digiatal that is still broken. So here is one little pathetic picture of sweet daffodiles in the fresh accumulating snow.

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