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Tongue Treatment

From my Quiet time this morning, this passage on the tongue never fails to be a challange for me:

James 3:5-10

The tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, its the whole course in one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures are being tamed and have been tamed by human beings, but no one can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters this should not be.”

I know that I have come a long way in this area… but I am quite certain there will be room for improvement the rest of my days on earth. Often, I come home from an event, or social setting where I vividly remember comments I have made that should have been thought about before they left my mouth.

I’m a talker, I love to talk, communicate. In fact this blog, is really helpful in my attempt to get out words during the day 🙂 It has also been helpful in teaching me the discipline of sitting on my words a bit. Writing them, editing them, reconsidering them, and waiting for the appropriate time to air them. There was a time my blog was not written that way. I would often rant or throw words out whenever with little consideration given to their appropriatness. Few people read back then. These days I try to consider them longer.

This has helped me in my flesh and blood (non-cyber) life as well. I do have a long way to go, but I’m learning. I often have to pray for the conviction of God on my words… otherwise, I find them flying out, having no realization of their effect. Often if I give myself time to pause in speaking, a moment of consideration, I am better able to guard my tongue. It is when I feel a subconscious race to get it out that I find myself in the most trouble. Also, when I speak to fill air I often look back and see meaninglessness and boredom in my speech.

Thank God that when he shows us how greatly an area of our lives needs to be refined, he always provides the ability to change.


I Have Been Totally Absent

Tuesday morning our grass and flower beds were being edged… they hit our cable line… sliced it clear through. So we have been without phone, cable, and internet…. So I apologize for starting a big ole home school discussion then falling off the face of the earth. I came back to way too many emails for a non-work-world girl. And many comments that had to be approved to be posted. If you are wondering why yours didn’t show for awhile… that is why. I’m back though and trying to catch up when I should be sleeping!

Tomorrow I will read through more of the amazingly thorough feedback you left me on home-schooling and either comment or email back! I will also go and read all the links to the posts linked to from this post.

Did any of that make sense… I’m totally throwing this post out fast just to explain where I have been, no edit…. which leads me to posting what I wrote just before my internet crashed. And I’m totally not following my own rules in this post 🙂 😉 Give me grace on this one 🙂

Questions for Homeschoolers

I know, I know. My childern are only 3 and 1, but I’m already giving serious thought (& prayer) to their future schooling. We have many options in this area… and we also have a state that is extremely encouraging of HS’ing, while interferring very little in your choice of curriculum.

My sister-in law, who will hopefully comment 😉 Home-schools and my Aunt as well. I have 100 THOUSAND (exaggerated for dramatic effect!) fears about my abilities to home-school. What if me attempting to home-school would just be a journey toward a large trainwreck?

I have so many questions! I decided this would be the best place to ask them. Please, if you know someone who would want to contribute to this survey, ask them to come comment with their answers. I may not be the only one out there wondering about this, and the more feedback the better! We can learn from your personal experience.

Here goes:

1. Did you always know you would home-school?

2. What led you to the decision to home-school?

3. What age were your children when you decided to take the home-school plunge?

4. Did you have any fears? What were they? Were they realized?

5. Do you know a lot of other home-schoolers in your real-life community? (cyberworld does not count for this question!) 🙂

6. If you could name one thing that inspired you most to home-school, what was it?

7. How do you choose your curriculum?

8. Are some of your children easier to home-school than the others?

9. Lastly. Do you feel anyone is capeable of home-schooling? And do you feel every child is capeable of home-schooling? What would be an exception?

Also- if anyone else is considering this and has any other questions feel free to add them!

Thanks so much! (in advance)

Some Some Summer-time!

Days at the pool, nights on the patio, dinners outside, parks, zoos, car-trips, family, sunshine, bike-rides, long-walks, less TV, flowers, trees, red cheeks, highlights, swingsets, driveway play-time, basketball hoops, beaches, long days, BBQ, sidewalk chalk, spinklers, water fights, blowing bubbles, laying out, pony-tails, naked face, endless smiles on my childrens’ faces, boating, popcicles, ice cream sandwiches, cook-outs, laughter, fresh-cut lawn, lush green grass, flip flops, tank tops….

What words resonate summer to you?

In honor of my official “summer is launching” weekend (yes, this is a holiday in my very own mind) I played with imovie and tried to make a little slide show. I have a lot to learn. I have already spent two times as much time on this as I really budgeted for tonight, oh well.

I wish the picture quality transferred better, and I wish I knew how to do a lot more… but It’s always fun to post your first try and laugh at it a year or two later when you are so much better at it 🙂 Anyway, Laugh, Enjoy.

in other news… the boys seem to really be either loving eachother physcially or beating each other physically at all times. Fortunately, I was able to catch a couple of the loving time on camera. I almost missed it. I was cleaning up, JJ was on his computer, and just several feet away they were doing this… all on their own.



In other news… It’s Memorial Day.
For all those who have given their lives, who have been willing to give their lives, and who have lost loved ones fighting for our country in one capacity or another. May we never forget you or belittle the sacrafice you have made. And may all the troops now serving be brought home safely at the right time. You are in my prayers… and no doubt the prayers of many others.

I am Not Spam Thank-You

Okay so I am not sure if someone is playing a practicle joke on me???? but I just discovered my comments are going into spam folders. I found this out by finding my own comment on my own page in a spam folder. And i just finally got around to commenting on blogs in my circles… SO if you see me in your spam folder, please remove me 🙂 I have written WordPress and hope to be released soon. If you thought this was a funny joke, just know this post isn’t one of me being angry. Honestly, I don’t really care, just thought I would let people know that they should check there spam folders for me. It just made me laugh today, everything is making me laugh today. Oh except for the 3 times Owen ran from me when I was trying to get him in time-out, now THAT was not funny.

A Changed Work World for the Stay-at-Home Mom

I read a really interesting article on a blog called Pick the Brain.

The post addresses how at an increasing rate, with the aid of technology, people are working in non-traditional situations, often from remote locations. The blog makes this point:

In the case of the modern information worker, nearly all tasks involve creative or strategic thinking. The way someone answers an email or interprets a piece of information can differ drastically depending on his or her energy level. Nobody does their best work 5:30 in the afternoon after they’ve been sucking down coffee all day to stay awake.”

I agree.

Pick the Brain argues that most people aren’t continually effective on an 8 hour schedule, that there are peaks and vallies throughout the day. I would agree with this. Why be at work during the vallies and cause the employer to have to pay for that time? I think they put it well when they state it this way,

When workers reach the low energy part of the cycle, they can’t recharge with a non-work activity. The only option is office purgatory. You can’t be highly productive because you’re mentally fatigued, but you can’t recharge because the 8 hour work day requires the appearance of constant productivity. The result is millions of unproductive workers trapped at their desks when they’d rather be doing something else.”

I would also argue that what may be a typically productive time of day for one person, may not one for another. Why not tailor your work day to the hours you work best? Middle of the night? Early in the morning? After lunch until prime-time? When the kids are napping? After they go to bed? You get the point.

Why does this topic interest a non-working, stay-at-home mother of two toddlers? For a few reasons:

1. Even though the technology was not there when I was younger… I ALWAYS pictured working from home via computer and video conference. It was a rare occasion if I pictured it differently.

2. Withen 3 years of joining the career driven workforce, I started working from home via computer and occasional meetings at starbucks :).

3. Should I ever rejoin the workforce, it will be from home. It will be via computer, video conference etc. The schedule will fit into times when I am not taking care of and/or educating my children.

In an article from the Los Angelas Times, by James Flanigan, posted on AOL Jobs entiteled Working at Home Pays Off for Firms.

Flanigan uses a case study from Jet Blue. He points out,

JetBlue has 700 reservation agents working from their abodes (one pictures them sitting there in their robes and slippers, the fridge just a few feet away) with company-supplied personal computers and second phone lines.

To be sure, their wages of $8.50 to $10 an hour are way above the $2 to $3 a day that call-center operators in India and the Philippines often earn.”

Jet Blues Chief Executive David Needleman shares,

“With home working you get more mature people who stay with you,” he says. “There isn’t constant turnover.” What’s more, he adds, employees who take care of business from home tend to “feel better” about their jobs, boosting productivity by an estimated 25 percent.”

Flanigan also uses AT&T to illustrate the benefits of “homesourcing” workers.

“AT&T Corp., for its part, reported that last year it “received over $180 million in operating benefit from telework” — tasks performed away from the office by U.S.-based network planners, human-resources managers, sales personnel and others. With fewer corporate facilities to buy and furnish, real-estate savings accounted for a significant portion of the number.

The advantages for companies employing people to work at home continue to grow along with technological developments. Though not all jobs can be sourced from home, (eg. doctors, pilots, regulated companies, etc,) Many jobs can, and many employers are thinking out of “the box”.

I have the ability to stay home and not work right now and gladly accept it. But someday my children will be a little older, I will be done having more, and my driven brain will not going to cease to exist! At this point I know I will love working from home again, to what capacity? I am not sure. But I’m EXTREMELY thankful that we now live in a world capeable of it.

The Pick the Brain blog sums it up by saying,

Forty years from now we’ll be telling our grandchildren about the olden days when everyone’s mommy and daddy went to work in an office.

He’s probably right!

Cool Mommy-Blog WordPress Themes

Heather Bixler (a commentor here) designs really fun themes for wordpress and they aren’t very expensive at all to use! Go here to check out her newest pre-made templates. They are just too cute, and if I wasn’t into making my own mastheads I would definitely purchase one. And no I’m not getting any kickbacks 🙂 I just really like them! She only sells each theme once so get them while they’re still there!

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