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Little Blankies for Chinese Orphans- Please Help!

Are you able to do a simple sewing project? Do you have extra fabric laying around your house? Do you have a heart for the orphans in China? (as China is obviously on my heart latley.)

You can make little SIMPLE blankets for orphans in China. Learn how by going to the Skip to My Lou Blog.

Thanks for the Tip Southern Girl!


CHINA- Harvesting Organs from Prisoners

I have been keeping my lips shut on an issue burning inside of me. Normally when injustice boils my blood I can do nothing but shout it from the proverbial rooftops. But this… this has been so hard to digest.

I’m not sure why I have been clueless. After I learned of it, I brought it up on seperate occasions to both my father and brother and they both knew about it. I can not fathom why this isn’t on MSM (main stream media) and why there isn’t total OUTCRY about it! Please Media don’t tell me for the one MILLIONTH time what Paris Hilton is up to and not report what may possibly be one of the biggest human rights violations of our time!

It isn’t bad enough that China forces abortions on women about to give birth. And repetitively commits religious persecution by imprisoning people for their faith. But what do they do with these prisoners???


This has been on my mind for awhile now, unable to imagine the depths of depravity one must be in to be able to kill a person, even 5 people at times, for the possibility of finding 1 kidney for well funded person.

Of course, China denies this. Hard proof of the practice is difficult to find, but I have been reading incredible research on the topic and believe there is more than enough convincing evidence This Report on Organ Harvesting takes an investment of time to read… but if this issue breaks your heart the way it has mine you need to schedule the time and read it.

I have not been able to figure out how to sum up my thoughts on the process, or how to appropriately compile talking points from the report… I have not attempted discussing it on Mommyzabs previously. I wanted to do this topic justice. But all I can do now is pray and beg people to listen, even if my writing can appropriately reflect the urgency. My influence in this world is completely minute. However, I’m compelled to do whatever I can.

I’m not typically a boycotter. Mostly because Christians seem to take boycotting to a ridiculous extreme. It takes A LOT to make me boycott. I’m just not sure I can give another penny to support China knowingly. The more I talk to others, the more insight I gain… the more I have to speak with my money. Sometimes it is the only language people listen too.

My Boycott won’t be able to be 100%. Sometimes it just is not feasible (like when my child gets a McD’s kids meal with his friends and there is a made in China toy with it, It is hard to tell a 3 year old they can’t have it when all their kids have their kids meal toys at the table…) But I have already begun looking at labels on everything and staying away from China.

On that tangent… since boycotting China makes it quite difficult to buy toys for your children, I found a helpful link for finding products (including toys and toy brands) that are not made in China.

I am going to publish the following article in my blog in full and I do hope that isn’t inappropriate. I want you to read it as it is a better summation than I can do. Please do take the time to read the Full Report. There is more information than could ever justly be summarized.

Organs harvested from live prisoners
Allison Hanes, CanWest News Service
Published: Friday, May 18, 2007

TORONTO — Foreign patients who travel to China for transplants are likely receiving organs culled from political prisoners who are alive when their corneas, kidneys and livers are harvested, then left to die, an international group of doctors armed with a chilling Canadian report is warning.

In a new twist on an old practice of using organs from executed criminals, China has since 2000 turned to living donors and outlawed Falun Gong members to supply a growing trade in medical transplants, Doctors Against Organ Harvesting said Thursday during a public forum held at the University of Toronto.

With increasing numbers of Canadians on long waiting lists turning to China to save their own lives, the newly formed organization is seeking to warn patients that someone else’s life is likely being sacrificed in the process of obtaining organs.

“Each person who travels to China for an organ causes the death of another human,” said Dr. Torsten Trey, a Washington, D.C.-based physician and founding member of Doctors Against Organ Harvesting.

The group is sounding the alarm in the medical community about mounting evidence of unethical transplants in China. They want doctors to impress the information upon their patients. They want hospitals and universities to close their doors to visiting Chinese physicians and scholars looking to hone their techniques. And they want medical journals to reject research on transplants conducted in China.

“Medical science cannot build up any knowledge which is based on inhuman and unethical procedures,” said Trey, who compared China’s pilfering of organs from Falun Gong practitioners to Nazi medical experimentation during the Holocaust.

Doctors Against Organ Harvesting was formed in the wake of a Canadian investigation first released last year.

Authored by former Liberal MP David Kilgour and Winnipeg human rights lawyer David Matas, the report claims there is a widespread and systematic policy in China of selling organs from living donors to a growing clientele of desperate patients.

Kilgour said Thursday it is clear Falun Gong members are being targeted over other ethnic groups and religions, as a part of a campaign to villainize their spiritual practice since it fell out of favour with the government in 2000.

The report’s conclusions were drawn from interviews with a handful of eyewitnesses from the medical side, recipients of organs harvested in China, official government pronouncements, statistics showing a sudden explosion in the number of transplants performed, marketing Web sites and undercover inquiries to hospital.

In one instance, an Asian patient recounted that after rifling through a list of potential donors, a military doctor departed and returned to the hospital several times, bringing back a total of eight different kidneys before finally settling on a match.

In another, a sick patient found out one day he needed a transplant and had an organ within 24 hours.

Web sites market transplants in China in five different languages and in some cases guarantee availability of a matching organ within two weeks. The average wait time for a kidney in Canada is 32.5 months, while in British Columbia it is 52.5 months.

In surreptitious phone calls to Chinese transplant hospitals by Mandarin-speaking investigators, medical staff admitted organs came from Falun Gong prisoners.

While he is sympathetic to the plight of ailing Canadians who wait years for a transplant and face the prospect of dying before a match comes along, Kilgour said patients and doctors cannot turn a blind eye.

“Medicine cannot be practised by killing innocent people like chickens,” he said.

Gerry Koffman, a Toronto general practitioner and member of Doctors Against Organ Harvesting, said there are about 100 confirmed cases of Canadian patients from Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver having transplants done in China.

original report from Leader-Post (Regina)
(hat tip: ChinaView)

I wrote the author of the China View Blog a couple times to gain further perspective on what we can do. He is busy but has been very helpful. His 2 pieces of advice on what to do were the following:

A. as an individual, for our safety reason, buy as less Chinese products as we can. The bottom line is do not make our own life difficult, if the Chinese product is the only choice.

B. Urge/push the government/trade companies take action to boycott
until the situation is changed. Government action is the most effective way,
because for business companies profit is always their first choice and
they seldom really care about human rights.

To make it happen, we need to raise awareness and educate the officals,
NGOs, trade companies,etc, by make appointment/writing letter/email/fax,
and also the most important thing we are doing now, blogging.

I would like to add… If boycotting China gained enough buzz… like THE ONE campaign has, I do think it could be possible to effect the commerce world. If awareness was raised to the point that people were boycotting en masse and deciding to live with less in order to come against China’s human rights violations, some businesses would take the hint.

You may think, “this republican has fallen off her rocker” 🙂 But realize that I serve Jesus Christ before any political party. And though Republicans have more the reputation of ruthless capitalists, and though I do believe capitalism is the less of evils in economic systems, ethics are not to be forsaken. We must always respect human life because God created it. Innocents must always be protected. Always.

PLEASE bookmark the China View Blog and stay up to date on the CONSTANT human rights violations by the Chinese government. We as a nation have got to stop turning a blind eye toward what they are doing.

Week News Cap (for my friends who don’t watch the news)

Cult of Communism
It seems Micheal Moore has been up to another one of his mockumenteries.
Shortly after JJ returned from his missions trip to Cuba, I mentioned in a post that Michael Moore had been there 2 weeks previous. This article from the NY Post covers it here Thanks 4simpsons and Verum Serum for tipping me to this.

supreme court
The Supreme Court of the U.S. has decided to uphold the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act! Pro-Lifers are counting it as a victory! Presidential Candidates for 2008 Praising this decision are, Mccain, Juliani and Romny. Barack Obama has strongly critisized the decision, while Hillary Clinton has proclaimed it an “erosion of our contitutional right” (Tip to Stevereenie for the quote.)
update: I found this post on The Voice Of Reason blog that quotes most of the candidates response to this supreme court decision. Please give it a read. Quotes more of the Candidates than I have listed.

I find it pretty impossible you do not know what happened at Virginia Tech this week, so I will not re-cap it. But I do want to say something about is how insane it is that threats of copy-cats have happened popped around the Nation. Reportedly, 15 schools shut-down with with these threats. Are there really that many crazies running around? I guess so. Its rather un-nerving. It makes me believe we have been very blessed to not have it happen before.
Debates spawning from this story include:
1. Gun Control Laws
2. Campus Security
3. Laws regarding involuntary commiting of crazy people to mental health facilities.
4. What colleges and/or students have the right to know about the history of a student vs. privacy laws.
5. On what grounds public colleges are allowed to refuse enrollment to a mentally ill student.
6. Campus mass-communication methods.
7. Our we teaching our students to be too tolerant?
8. Whether or not NBC should have shown Killer’s manifesto.
9. Effects of Anti-depressants (I just heard this one, and am somewhat surprised by it.)
I’m sure the list will continue to grow.

People are doing the normal finger-pointing that follows tragedies like this. Some of the fingers are pointing in understandable directions… but let’s not forget that the truest blame lays on this mass murderer. (forgive me for not even wanting to use his name, and you will find no picture of him on this blog.)

Senator Harry Reid (d) in a speech this week proclaimed that the war in Iraq is lost. Excuse me? Excuse me? Is he the one with the authority to proclaim this? How does this effect morale over in the mid-east? How could you possibly speak something like this when we have soldiers on the field? Popular political blogger Michelle Malkin has had an open invite for soldiers to write in responses to Harry Reid. Check them out on starting here.

alec and ireland
Actor, Alec Baldwin left a voicemail on his daughter’s cell phone that should make any parent cringe. TMZ aired it here. Alec has now tried to go to court to pull the plug on it and has issued an apology.
As a mom, on one hand I don’t want to be judgemental because I know I have lost my patience and wished I could take words or tones back. However, the excessive nature of this rant places it in the emotionally abusive catagory. My hope is that the complete embarassment of this causes this man to get some help, change, and restore relationship with his daughter.

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